Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores - San Gabriel Islands

For Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores I had the opportunity to work on the Environment art, Architecture, Set Dressing, Landscaping and Optimization for the "San Gabriel" Islands. The islands contain a variety of ruins, structures, cool cliffs and other natural elements. It also houses various more bespoke environmental puzzle challenges and combat areas. These were a lot of fun to build and integrate into the ruined lush landscape. Initial blockout was done by fellow artist Nicole Sochor.
This was made with a huge collaborative effort from the talented Asset, Concept, World, Vegetation, Tech Art and VFX/Lighting teams.

Team: Features
Level Design: Iggy van der Goes, Elijah Houck
Lighting: Roderick van der Steen
Leads: Lucas Bolt
Art Direction: Ben Sprout, Misja Baas
Additional Environment Art: Nicole Sochor

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