Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores - Heaven¢ Exterior

For Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores I had the opportunity to work on the Layout, Architecture, Set Dressing, Landscaping and Optimization for the main quest "Heaven and Earth".
It was really cool to have the opportunity to build this famous landmark for the world of Horizon. The area surrounding it and the courtyard in front of it show the effects of the chasm below ground, causing a rift and height difference, creating an interesting combat playground together with the ruins and spouting geysers. The ruins at the base the mountain have been build by Joella van Dijk, the terrain/landscape extending beyond the courtyard has been doen bij Jelle van Scherpenzeel.
This was made with a huge collaborative effort from the talented Asset, Concept, World, Vegetation, Tech Art and VFX/Lighting teams.

Team: Features
Level Design: Elroy Aarts
Lighting: Roderick van der Steen
Lead: Steve de Vries
Art Direction: Scotty Brown,Misja Baas
Additional Environment Art: Joella van Dijk, Jelle van Scherpenzeel

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