Star Citizen - Lorville

The city of Lorville was a massive undertaking. With a main building breaching the clouds, functional transit lines, multiple points of interest and entry and a massive sprawl covering several kilometers of the surface of Hurston. Lorville set the bar in terms of scope and detail for all the large landingzones in Star Citizen that followed. These shots only represent a small part of all the amazing areas this location has to offer. Our team was responsible for the majority/core of the city and its sprawling structure but Lorville as a whole could not have existed without the additional work from the art team in the UK!

Art Direction:
- Ian Leyland

Environment Art (locations)
- Jussi Keteli
- Boy Sichterman
- Stephan Dammrau

Environment Art (Organics):
- Pascal Muller
- Patrick Gladys
- Sebastian Schroder
- Maximilian Keilich
- Ozlem Sagbili
- Florian Sollaneck
- Vanessa Bolke