Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores - Heaven¢ Chasm

For Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores I had the opportunity to work on the Layout, Architecture, Set Dressing and Optimization for the main quest "Heaven and Earth".
This section shows the massive chasm that has split the Heaven¢ facility into 2 parts. Aloy needs to find her way upwards,
crossing multiple floors exposed. The goal was to show that the entire facility was much larger containing multiple levels. To further support the theme of Heaven and Earth we wanted Aloys ascend to go from the Hellish volcanic bottom to the lush steamy and brighter top area before finding her way into the original observatory. I feel this contrast came out quite nice.
This was made with a huge collaborative effort from the talented Asset, Concept, World, Vegetation, Tech Art and VFX/Lighting teams.

Team: Features
Level Design: Elroy Aarts
Lighting: Roderick van der Steen
Lead: Steve de Vries
Art Direction: Scotty Brown,Misja Baas

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