Ryse - Rome - Environment Art

Modeling, texturing & dressing on multiple areas both for cinematics and singleplayer. Taking care of environments as well as separate assets.

Rome - "natural path"
I worked on the "natural path" area, taking it from blockout/mockup stage to final. Tasks included modeling, texturing and dressing/level art.

Colosseum Stages
I worked on the singleplayer arena stages near the end of the game including the final bossfight stage. Below you'll find some examples of the final Boss fight. Tasks included dressing/level art, modeling and texturing the unique floor elements and creating the blue texture variations of the arena assets. Colosseum created by Elite 3D outsourcing.

These areas were part of the level owned by Sina Els and the Roman architecture beyond the path was created by Finn Meinert Matthiesen.
Vegetation assets created by: Tom Deerberg, Ronny Muehle.