Star Citizen - Stanton 2b Daymar

As Lead Environment Artist I had the pleasure of working with our Art Director to establish the visuals for the planets and moons in Star Citizen's Stanton System and manage the talented team's execution and delivery.
Each planet and moon is a fully realized location from orbit to the ground. Players can go anywhere and experience these massive locations in detailed first-person view.
These shots show the first iteration of the planets released to the player.
Art Direction:
- Ian Leyland
Environment Art (Organics):
- Pascal Muller
- Luke Adwick
- Patrick Gladys
- Sebastian Schroder
- Maximilian Keilich
- Stephan Dammrau
- Ozlem Sagbili
- Florian Sollaneck
- Vanessa Bolke

For more information on tech and pipeline, check one of our talks: