Star Citizen - Levski

The team in Frankfurt inherited Levski as a partially realized but not yet implemented landingzone and was tasked with its implementation into the game. Continuing to build on the work done by a previous team we took to task to add new areas, stores, additional habitation, functional hangars, elevator/transit systems and set dressing, optimizing and polishing it to a shippable product. As cherry on top we got to work on the exterior and direct surroundings and embed the landing zone on the surface of Delamar, the moon sized asteroid also created by the Frankfurt Environment team.

Art Direction:
- Ian Leyland
Environment Art Frankfurt:
- Pascal Muller
- Luke Adwick
- Jussi Keteli
- Stephan Dammrau
- Florian Sollaneck
- Vanessa Bolke
- Maximilian Keilich
- Sebastian Schroder